Adam og Eva På Flaske

Adam og Eva, bottled: Edgy hair salon chain Adam og Eva gets their very own haircare product range.

Real Cider w/o Booze

An alcohol free alternative with nature wine vibes. Naturally fermented for a new generation of foodies.

Back to the Future

A new brand identity for all Grans’ soda and water products.

Soda with good vibes

Shortlisted in Dieline Awards. Sodas with pure bliss in every bottle.

Homeburgs for Home Chefs

Brand and packaging design for Døgnvill’s own retail series.

The Mischievous Brewery

With a shiny new factory comes great opportunities. A new, playful and exciting design across the whole range of Grans beer.

Real Kjærlighet from Stranda

Finally, a real thin crust pizza from Norway’s # 1 pizza brand, Grandiosa. It’s kinda Italian but it’s REALLY not.

Welcome to Brooklyn anno 1920!

A bar inspired by the fictional  back office of 1920’s Døgnvill.

Terroir + Cider

Handcrafted cider with a focus on the tasting experience through a clear origin. Straight from the farmhouse cidery.

From Farm to Glass

Science and farming combine forces for this refreshing akevitt.

Booze Free Brews

The return of Norwegian classic Lysholmer.

Burgers in Bjørvika

Design for 60 meters of façade, 2 bars, 1 restaurant, 2 floors and 7 meter high ceilings.

Hurrah. Julestemning…

Celebrating those awkward moments of meeting family and going home for the holidays with Julestemning Akevitt.

Sodapop & Bacon

Døgnvill’s own bar. You don’t even need to order burgers. But you should have a drink while you wait.

Bringing Back the Christmas Spirit

Creating a new christmas universe for Norway’s most famous Christmas drink.

Summer. Bottled

Unpretentious summer vibes for lovers and non-lovers of aquavit. 

Death to Fine Dining

3rd Place winner in Dieline Awards 2021. Food should be fun. It’s not all about white tablecloths and silverware.

Clean & Sparkling

We gave clear water brand Taffel a huge makeover: From lost in the shelves to hero brand.

Tall Tales From Christiana

Christiana Bryggeri’s flagship lager needed a punchy, fresh and new design. To raise it’s visibility in store we needed to create a stronger personality so it could pop in the shelves.

For All the Beer Lovers

We’ve been telling the right stories for Frydenlund, Norway´s (still) fastest growing beer brand, for a decade.

Making Big Small Again

Your friendly neighbourhood burger chain can now be visited all over the country. Each restaurant is tailored to it’s locals interests.

High-end Panties

High-tech undergarments for all the iron-men and women out there.

The Mother of Aquavits

Gilde Non Plus Ultra is the original Gilde Aquavit. This redesign also became the mother of the specialty food pairing range of aquavits from Gilde.

Upscale Confectionary for the Mass market

A new colour for Norways favourite christmas candy, Marzipan.

1 cubanos chocolatos de la Nidar

An updated design for a new generation of consumers who have no idea what the classic Cuba chocolate tastes like.

A Red Thread for Global Sportswear

Creating a global communication system and packaging design for HH apparel.

Cocktails in a Can

Classic cocktails with a twist from Gardsbrenneriet.

Modern Scientific Liqours

Science and distilling combine in the alcohol laboratories of Gardsbrenneriet.

Bubbly Fun Soda Universe

Creating a new world of sodas for Grans.

Pretty in pink

The first product in Gardsbrenneriet’s growing line of modern booze.

Adventures in the Orchards

With a history in fruit based liquors, Gardsbrenneriet have branched out into one of the fastest growing new alcohol categories; Hard Seltzer.

Re-establishing Premium

Renaissance art and fine wine inspired packaging on cheese biscuits for all you fancypants people out there.

Malt & Pepper

Brand activation for Frydenlund beer in a restricted alcohol advertising market.

A More Natural Candy

Pure cacao, fresh milk, less sugar, real fruit juices and short ingredient lists. Simply good stuff – straight from nature.