Vill. A more natural candy experience

Concept, branding
+ packaging design

Pure cacao, fresh milk, less sugar, real fruit juices and short ingredient lists are the core of Nidar´s refreshingly new candy series, Vill (meaning Wild). Simply good stuff – straight from nature.

We tested a huge amount of different concepts with the consumers before ending up with this mainly handmade design – inspired by the imperfect roughness of nature. Strong colors printed on rough backgrounds, speaks candy and nature at the same time. – A more natural candy experience.

Vill Berries

vill - Mork Melkesjokolade 100g

Nidar Vill - 58% Pure Cacao

Vill - Mørk Melkesjokolade 24g

Nidar vill moss

Vill - Mørk Melkesjokolade-Hasselnøtt

Vill - Mørk Melkesjokolade-Hasselnøtt 24g

Nidar vill sjokolade hasselnøtt pieces

Nidar Vill - Animation 1

Nidar Vill - Forest

Nidar Vill Bear Vertical

Nidar vill Bringebær image vertical

Vill - Blaabaer

Nidar vill blueberries superbrook

Vill - Nøtter

Nidar Vill - Full Cow

Animal images courtesy of Per Høj


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