Søvnløs bar menu detail back

Welcome to Brooklyn anno 1920!

Søvnløs Bar
Naming, concept
+ brand identity

Døgnvill told us “We want to make a bar”. We gave them Søvnløs. The bar acts both as a standalone concept, and waiting zone for Døgnvill visitors.

Søvnløs’ concept is based on a fictional back office of the Døgnvill restaurant. Period specific business cards, menus and promotional material was all designed with 1920’s offices and bars as inspiration. Enjoy an x-rated milkshake whilst dreaming of your favourite burger!

Søvnløs Bar - window logo

Søvnløs Poster

Søvnløs Cards

Søvnløs Protest

Søvnløs Bar - Window details

Søvnløs animated logo

Søvnløs interior

Søvnløs Coasters

Søvnløs Coasters 2

Søvnløs Chilli Pops

Søvnløs menu

Søvnløs Bar - sign

Søvnløs menu

Søvnløs Menu detail

Søvnløs Typewriter

Søvnløs bar menu detail back

Søvnløs Cards

Søvnløs interiør

Søvnløs bar menu photo


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