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Re-establishing premium

Sætres Beste
Packaging Design

Sætres Beste needed to reinstate their position as Norway’s premium biscuits for cheese.

With this redesign we increased their premium perception and expertise; matching the perfect biscuit to the perfect cheese. Inspired by renaissance paintings and classic wine labels, we created a new visual language; Tip-toeing the line between fine dining, decadence and regular consumption.

The sides of each box has markings reminiscent of large Parmesan cheese wheels allowing us to continue telling the story across the packaging. By simplifying and romanticising the imagery we increased shelf impact whilst maintaining Sætres’ expertise and knowledge. Bon app!

Sætres Beste - packshot side detail

Sætres Beste - Parmasan wheel

Sætres Beste - Fem beste kjeks packshot

Sætres Beste - Still Life painting

Sætres Beste - photo 1

Sætres Beste - Rugkjeks packshot

Sætres Beste - Salinas packshot

Sætres Beste - graphics detail

Sætres Beste photo 3


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