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Death to Fine Dining

Oslo Collective Sauces
Brand, naming, concept development & Packaging design

3rd Place winner in Dieline Awards 2021.

Food should be fun. It’s not all about white tablecloths and silverware. It’s about getting down and dirty and simply revelling in the taste experience.

Made by 2 dedicated guys from Døgnvill Burger with a passion for real, uncluttered tastes, Oslo Collective is an outlet to create fun, exciting products revolving around personal food experiences.

With one foot clearly placed in the trusted packaging world of old, vintage iconic characters and screen prints direct on glass, we created a design and brand allowing opportunities for future product releases of varying kinds.

By mixing street fashion with a manic, wicked take on old school food packaging we’ve sculpted a brand that truly reflects it’s two owner/enterpeneurs (And of course, brought something fresh to the market).

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