Jordan Hero 1

Paint brushes for professionals.

Jordan Håndverk 
+ New Identity

Paint brushes for professionals.

Orkla came to us wanting to update their professional painters supply brand. After getting some insight from the actual craftsmen it turned out they’re not so much into traditions, rather high-end performing products and the precision of the tools themselves. This resulted in a more stripped down, direct brand, with a sharp focus on precision, ease of use and practicality.

Together with Orkla we transformed Jordan Håndverk into a stronger, modern and genuine brand, repositioning it towards a new generation of craftsmen whilst still giving a wave to the traditions of old.

Jordan 1

Jordan 19 animation

Jordan 12

Jordan 22

Jordan 4 - animated

Jordan Håndverk 19

Jordan Håndverk 20

Jordan 6

Jordan Håndverk 21

Jordan 9

Jordan 10

Jordan 18

Jordan 13

Jordan 14


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