Imsdal Iste hero

Real tea thirst quencher

Imsdal Iste
Brand + packaging design

All natural ice tea with real tea and fruit flavours, blended with water from the Imsdal spring at the foot of the Rondane mountains. With strong contenders in the Ice Tea market, Imsdal Iste needed a new, fresh and tasty expression; a design packed full of fruit flavours and natural ingredients.

The contrast between the vibrant Imsdal blue on the logo and the botanical style illustrations helps communicate and emphasise the refreshing character and the natural ingredients of this fruit sweetened Ice Tea.

Imsdaliste-4 sitrus

Imsdal Iste - sitron illustration

Imsdal Is Te - Label Detail - Grønn te

Grønn te Photo

Grønn te Glass

Imsdaliste-4 Fersken

Imsdal Iste - fersken illustration

Imsdal Iste - logo

Imsdal Logo



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