Helly Hansen Lifa H1PRO Hero

A burger in Oslo´s new part of town.

Helly Hansen Lifa H1 Pro
Performance base layer
Packaging design

High-end panties for all the Iron men – and women – out there.

But seriously; Helly Hansen needed the new H1 Pro Lifa series to stand out from the rest of their Lifa range as a new, top of the range product. After all, these are garments developed based on body heat mapping, making them one of the most high tech base layers on the market.

Borrowing colours from extreme sports, and hardcore sports equipment, we made the packaging gunmetal grey with fluorescent variant colours coated with glossy lacquer. This gives it an elevated high tech experience, from the moment you pick up the box, to unboxing it in your own work-out-slash-bicycle-repair-shop-basement-facilities. Rock on!

Helly Hansen Lifa 12

Helly Hansen Lifa 1

Helly Hansen Lifa 2

Helly Hansen Lifa 13

Helly Hansen Animation Text

Helly Hansen Lifa 10

Helly Hansen Lifa 3

Helly Hansen Lifa 11


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