Grans 10

A burger in Oslo┬┤s new part of town.

Grans Bryggeri
Packaging design, Concept development, Logo

With a shiny new factory comes great responsibility. A new, playful and exciting design across the whole range of Grans beer was needed to represent their higher production standards and modern brewery.

From pop art/comic inspiration, comes bright, bold and playful takes on traditional Norwegian beer colour coding to help them pop on the cluttered shelves.
To enhance the brand refresh, we modernised their existing logo and placed it front and centre as a large hero feature on all packaging.

Whilst beer is a serious matter for the guys at Grans Brewery, they really wanted to hammer home the concept of fun. It was important that we translated this ethos into the designs. By including many easter eggs hidden in the details of the design, the consumer can find little insights into the minds of the brewers themselves.

Grans 1

Grans 1

Grans 8

Grans 11

Grans 15

Grans 5

Grans 6

Grans all cans 3

Grans 17

IPA Animated 3

grans vertical 2


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