Grandiosa Hero 5

A burger in Oslo´s new part of town.

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn
Ekte Kjærlighet
fra Stranda
Concept development & Packaging design

Finally, a real thin crust pizza from Norway’s # 1 pizza brand, Grandiosa!

The newest pizza from Grandiosa in 40 years is taking a stand, pushing the old, yellow brand colour behind and communicating lightness and freshness to tell the story of a completely new product.

It’s kinda Italian but it’s REALLY not. It was important for Grandiosa to still be very clear on it’s origin in one of Norway’s beautiful fjords. The first pizza was supposedly made in Norway, more than 1000 years ago. With Grandiosa Tynn Bunn, we’re claiming the pizza back.

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 33

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 37

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 34

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 23

Animated Pizza 2

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 36

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 35

Grandiosa Tynn Bunn 39

Grandiosa 21


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