Gilde Aquavit Bacalao hero

A toast for your favorite food

Gilde Food Aquavit Series
Concept + Packaging Design

Gilde Aquavit is a series of aquavits specially made for pairing with food. A wide range covering traditional (and not so traditional) Norwegian dishes from rakfisk to bacalao. The series is made to look diverse yet with certain family attributes, picking up on the dish and ambience around the meal and situation.

Gilde Aquavit Bacalao 4

Gilde Aquavit Bacalao 2

Gilde Aquavit Bacalao Cap

Gilde Aquavit Bacalao 5

Gilde Aquavit Bacalao 6

gildeaquavit - rakfisk

Gilde Aquavit Rakefisk 1

Gilde Aquavit Rakefisk 2

Gilde Aquavit Rakefisk cap

The Gilde Food aquavit-series is a collaboration project with designer Geir Lysbakken, who has been responsible for: Fisk og Skalldyr, Smaladram, Skrei, Taffel and Dill.



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