Døgnvill Dagligvare
Brand, concept development & design

1st Place winner in Dieline Awards 2021.

How do you transfer a fun, relaxing, yet high-end burger restaurant experience to the world of groceries?

All whilst picking up the informal, slightly humorous vibe you often encounter in Døgnvill’s restaurants, and at the same time continue the experience of eating burgers from the top shelf?

It was also important that this should not appear as a licensing of the brand. The products are the same quality as those sold in the restaurants.

We created an easily recognisable packaging identity, using mainly one colour, and otherwise differentiated with organic paper backgrounds inspired by fresh food counters and butchers. We focused on the concept of “Small Batch Burgers”,  mixed with a throwback to 1930-50s style and modern colours/elements.

Døgnvill Dagligvare 2

Døgnvill Dagligvare 9

Døgnvill Dagligvare animation 2

Døgnvill Dagligvare Animated characters


Døgnvill Dagligvare 4

Døgnvill dagligvare 7

Døgnvill Dagligvare Illustration 20

Døgnvill Dagligvare 17

Døgnvill Dagligvare 16


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