Døgnvill Hero Trondheim


Døgnvill Burger Restaurant Chain
Brand identity

Døgnvill needed to do a full review of their concept and brand ID as their identity got a bit worn and fragmented, whilst simultaneously growing as a restaurant chain.

We created a tight and concistent core identity, together with a more playful and diverse language for their exterior signage and interior details. This approach enables Døgnvill to maintain their goal of a localised but familiar restaurant experience; avoiding the chain-like appearance and allowing them to connect with their local community in a genuine way.

Døgnvill Printed media

Døgnvill Vulkan Signage

Døgnvill Top Down food

Døgnvill Trondheim - Window Logo

Døgnvill Tjuvholmen

Døgnvill Tjuvholmen Sign

Døgnvill Menu detail 1

Døgnvill Neon - Trondheim animated 4

Døgnvill Meny 2

Døgnvill Meny 3

Døgnvill Website Animation

 Brand Activation

We´ve worked across platforms with communicating the brand and engaging consumers ever since we started the rebranding of Døgnvill. Here´s a few samples of stuff we´ve done to make the brand come alive as a playful and unpretentious dining partner.

Døgnvill Burger - Burger Bingo Bag

Døgnvill Burger Bingo inserts

Døgnvill Burger Bingo Winner 1

Døgnvill Printed media 2

Døgnvill Burger Boy Wink

Døgnvill Facebook 1

Døgnvill Trondheim - Bar

Døgnvill Cow Head

Døgnvill Curtains

Døgnvill Tjuvholmen details

Døgnvill Bar Menu detail 1

Døgnvill Menu

Døgnvill - Åpningstider


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