The Terroir of Cider

Gardsbrenneriet Sideri

WORK -> Brand identity, packaging
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Gardsbrenneriet Handverksider is a special range of alcoholic cider sold in 750ml bottles, with clean crisp flavours. Made with only naturally fermented apples and fruits sourced on Gardsbrenneriet’s own farm.
The terroir of this product is very important to Gardsbrenneriet and as such this became our main influence on the design.
We have leant heavily into the Terroir on our designs, both literally and creatively.
One half of our unconventional label shape contains flowing coloured lines creating a pattern. These are topographic map lines from the property/farm of Gardsbrenneriet zoomed in and stylised with a duo-colour technique.

We have taken influence from French Champagne due to the importance of provenance and terroir in their design and manufacture. Mirroring this influence we have a detailed text and information based design on one side showing the location of the farm in geographical co-ordinates. It highlights the two “brewers”, or alcohol creators. It includes a modern take on the traditional illustrations of the wineries, or in this case the Farmstead on Gardsbrenneriet farm.

We contrast all these traditional elements with vibrant and modern colours not commonly found with a high-end cider product.