Back to the Future

Grans Soda + Water Brand Identity

WORK -> Brand identity
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Grans Bryggeri

Grans Brewery produces both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To strengthen and secure the identity of these two different product categories and to comply with Norways strict liquor advertising and promotional regulations, Grans needed a new, fun and memorable logo that can be utilised for both waters and sodas.

grans brus identity 10

We’ve travelled back in time to Grans’ long history of producing soda and waters to find our inspiration. The “A” in our logo is a stylised version of the top half of an old Grans glass bottle and the logo includes an old fashion bottle cap “popping” off. This encourages nostalgic feelings of happiness and childlike wonder that will entice both new and old consumers to feel a closer connection with Grans products.

Grans more pallets

To strengthen the relationship, both between the family Grans, it’s location in Sandefjord and the fact this is an all-Norwegian soda, a simple framework was required that could easily be implemented across all products. Something that complements but doesn’t overpower the products individual identities. The solution was to create a ”Made in Sandefjord” stamp that allows for unintrusive placement along with the tagline “Norske smaksopplevelser siden 1899 (Deliverers of Norwegian taste since 1899).

grans identity 4
grans brus identity 6

In addition, a set of icons were developed based on the old glass bottle used as inspiration for the logo and a stylised version of a 6-pack from the same era.

grans brus identity 11