Bubbly Fun Soda Universe

Grans Soda

WORK -> Brand identity, packaging
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Grans Bryggeri

We’ve made a new design concept for the core products of the Grans soda series. As the first step away from the former both complex and different designs towards a stronger, simplified and more unified brand. A universe of bubbly fun. At the same time our target was to build stronger individual sub-brands to combat their international competitors with a bit more bite.

Our new design for Grans orange soda, “Siesta” is inspired  directly from its Spanish name, sun-drenched family trips to Southern Europe, ripe oranges and lazy sunny days.

Lemony, limey sweet and tangy? Say Singo! With a brand new refreshed design.

This new soda series has been designed to bring it closer to it’s mother brand Grans, which has also been given a new logo and flexible brand structure to embrace a huge series of different products in the non-alcohol category. 

The brand´s origin of coming from a small town (Sandefjord) by the Norwegian coast also receives a new and important role in this redesign.