Grans Brus Identity

Grans Soda

WORK -> Brand, packaging
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gransa Bryggeri

An old classic brought back to life.
Lysholmer is a reboot of an old Norwegian beer brand. It’s been re-imagined as a low-to-no alcohol beer for a younger audience in two variants, Pilsner and Lemon Radler.
The ultimate refreshment, packed with sunny vibes.

Lysholmer is inspired by sunny Norwegian days (something every Norwegian dreams of) and mountain water freshness. Focusing on the crisp mountain designs of the original Lysholmer beers we’ve used light colours, clean graphics and the raw aluminium of the can as a design element.

Together, these elements sell the freshness, lightness and crispness of the shimmering water and fresh mountain air of the Norwegian landscape represented in the can.