The posh big sister

Gilde Non Plus Ultra 18 Years

WORK -> Packaging
CATEGORY -> Alcohol
CLIENT -> Arcus Norway

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Gilde Non Plus Ultra, Anora created a special 18-year old edition of this extra fine akevit. This “black label” edition of the classic Norwegian aqauvit is more exclusive and expensive than the original and needed a look and feel to represent it.


We needed a way to express this within the framework of the existing (and already detailed) design we made for the original. The idea of a “black edition” was born to make the design more premium and modern in its functions, to build more value and make it whisper (instead of scream), elegance and exclusivity.


A “black on black” print was chosen with black, rubberised print on a black background to get a cleaner look, making the smaller details play a secondary role. Copper foil on the important information made it ‘pop’, adding an elegant contrast to the black. This ensured the product was differentiated in the akevit world, which has used gold foil as the main premium signal for a long time.