Modern Scientific Liquors


WORK -> Brand identity, concept development, illustration, packaging design
CATEGORY -> Alcoholic drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet
AWARDS -> Bronze, Pentawards 2023

Science and distilling combine forces in the alcohol laboratories of Gardsbrenneriet, creating a constant flow of new innovations. A wide range range of spirits are produced using custom, purpose built machines and self-developed techniques, by two chemical engineers, on their own farm.

Gardslaboratoriet 7
Gardslaboratoriet 20
gjæring graphics

We developed Gardslaboratoriet as a concept and name based on the producers’ professional background, and the fact that these are their more experimental products. The unorthodox techniques used by Gardsbrenneriet in this series opened up an opportunity for a more unconventional design expression which simultaneously draws inspiration from old laboratory bottles with simple labels. The Gardslaboratoriet logo is also inspired by laboratory glassware and the scientific approach taken in their production.

Gardslaboratoriet 4
Gardslaboratoriet 14
Gardslaboratoriet 9
Gardslaboratoriet 26

Strange, botanical illustrations of imaginary plants that combine the many herbs and ingredients used in the production of each spirit dominate the graphic expression. A seemingly clean design reveals, on closer inspection, the secrets behind the laboratory in the form of embossed elements. The embossed details on the labels include technical formulas for the production of alcohol, the geographical co-ordinates of Gardsbrenneriet and much more. Strong color coding contrasts with the clean label design and highlights the product names.