The Terroir of Cider

Gardsbrenneriets Sideri

WORK -> Strategy, brand identity, naming, packaging design
CATEGORY -> Alcoholic drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet
AWARDS -> Silver, Pentawards 2023

An alcoholic cider from a small scale producer that maintains a dedicated focus on product origin, soil and growing conditions for the raw materials, i.e. Terroir in good wine language. Gardsbrenneriet Sideri is a special range of alcoholic cider sold in 750ml bottles at supermarkets. A high quality product with a reasonable price point.
It’s an alternative to wine when you can’t make it to the Norwegian government run alcohol stores, an alternative to the cheap, sugar heavy ciders sold at supermarkets in Norway.

Made with only naturally fermented apples and fruits sourced on Gardsbrenneriet’s own farms, the origin (or Terroir) became the focus for our design concept both literally and creatively. One half of our unconventional label shape contains flowing coloured lines creating a pattern. These are topographic map lines from the farm of Gardsbrenneriet where the apples and fruits for the ciders grow.


To further develop the concept of Terroir we have drawn direct influence from classic French Champagnes. Amongst the elements are a detailed text and location based design showing elements such as the geographical co-ordinates of the farm along side a modern interpretation of the traditional illustration of what would be vineyards. In this case it’s the original farmhouse at Gardsbrenneriet, which in its contrast to large French castles gives give the whole design a cheeky little wink to the consumer.

We contrast these traditional elements with non-traditional shapes and colours, carefully prepared and tested to ensure attention on the shelves in the supermarkets.