Bold, all natural tonic series

Gardsbrenneriet's Eliksir

WORK -> Naming, brand identity, illustration & packaging design
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Gardsbrenneriet’s new tonic series with modern twists on classics needed an impactful design to fill an empty space in the Norwegian market calling for all natural mixers. We created a bold packaging system that mirrors the brand’s liquor range, using bright and contrasting colours to stand out.

tonics-new-8 KD
Created using Gardsbrenneriet’s advanced scientific distilling methods, our designs needed to have a distinct link to their matching liquors, however due to Norways licensing laws this could not be explicit, but needed to be implicit whilst standing out in a sea of copycat-type tonic designs and colourways available in the Norwegian market.

Key colours, inspired by Gardslaboratoriet products, were pumped up to the max and paired with bright contrasting colours, traditional cocktail elements and large, traditional botanical illustrations to create a new visual identity with an impactful shelf-standout appeal. These illustrations also give the consumer a clear expression of what the consumer can expect in the way of flavours.

Tonics animation

The ultimate goal is to show the care and passion that Gardsbrenneriet put in to each and every product they create. To achieve this we also added illustrations of scientific beakers, and quirky hands holding ingredients, which helps portray Gardsbrenneriet’s hands-on process, care and passion that put in to each and every product they create.