Gardsbrenneriet's Elikser

WORK -> Design, Brand, Concept & Packaging design
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Gardsbrenneriet’s Elikser are a series of tonics designed as companion products to match our new branding for Gardsbrenneriet’s liquor ranges. They are modern, fresh, carefully curated flavours inspired by classic cocktail tonic mixers.

These tonics were created using Gardsbrenneriets advanced scientific distilling methods, intended to draw out more flavours from raw ingredients. As such our designs needed to have a distinct link to their matching liquors, however due to Norways licensing laws this could not be explicit, but needed to be implicit whilst standing out in a sea of copycat-type tonic designs and colourways available in the Norwegian market.

Tonics animation
To achieve this, we took some of the main colours from gardslaboratoriet and turned them up to the max. These contrasting colours have been paired with traditional cocktail elements mixed with bold and modern styles inspired by gardslaboratoriet products.
The large, traditional, botanical illustrations give a nod to the botanicals used in the tonics along with the botanicals used in their alcoholic liquors. This also give a clear expression of what the consumer can expect in the way of flavours.

Paired with the traditional illustrations are other ingredients in scientific beakers and yet another quirky illustration style of hands holding key ingredients to give the consumer a visual representation of what they can expect. The hands holding ingredient also helps sell the handmade influence on these products, the fact that the team at Gardsbrenneriet has a hand in all steps of th e process including the product you have in your hands. This is due to it being an independent farm/brewery.


The ultimate goal is to show the care and passion that Gardsbrenneriet put in to each and every product they create.