Cocktails in a Can.

Gardsbrenneriet Håndverks Cocktails

WORK -> Brand, concept development & Packaging design
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Innovative, high-class cocktail flavours packaged effortlessly in a can from Gardsbrenneriet. Boutique alcohol producers Gardsbrenneriet combined their scientific know-how and advanced understanding of flavour combinations to create inventive twists on well know cocktails.
Ready-to-drink is a quickly expanding category in the Norwegian Alcohol market. Gardsbrenneriet’s foray in to cocktails in a can includes inventive twists on well known cocktails targeting the younger end of consumers. 
This required us to create a fun, youthful and taste-filled design with a high end twist.
Lykki Jordbær

The quality and taste that gardsbrenneriet is known for is represented by our acrobatic bartender design. With such high-end bartending sills he can mix and deliver cocktails in any position. The ridged, Art Deco drink glasses he carries give a nod to classic cocktails, matching the reccomended serving glasses for each cocktail type.

Some of the magic of Gardsbrenneriet lies in their scientific tehcniques they develop to extract and combine natural flavours. This “magic” is communicated in secondary details across our designs using classic vintage style illustrations combined with Art Deco inspired linework from vintage cocktail shakers.