From Farm to Glass

Gardsbrenneriet Gardsakevitt

WORK -> Strategy, brand identity, name, illustration, packaging design
CATEGORY -> Alcoholic drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

After a massive sales success and great reviews, Gardsbrenneriet decided to move their Gardsakevitt from a 0.33L PET bottle to a 0.5L glass bottle with a higher price point to better match the products real value. They also wanted to increase the perceived quality to a level that corresponds with the product, which has both an increased workload and high-quality raw materials behind it – Flavoured with, among other things, home-grown apple, rhubarb, fennel and lemongrass. Made by two chemical engineers on their organic farm.

Gardsakevitt vertical top
Gardsakevitt 12
Gardsakevitt 6
Gardsakevitt 14

The new bottle shape made it possible to create a more premium design its larger space for extended storytelling around the concept “From Soil to Glass”. Effects such as a customised label shape with lacquer effect; rough, tactile paper; few but non-traditional colours and a back side inspired by the world of chemistry underpin the idea of a combination of agriculture and chemistry. Central to the design is a simple and iconic hand-drawn illustration based on what (the alleged) discoverer Sir John Mandeville once drew in the 14th century to explain the cotton plant.

In addition, we have included the farms official registration numbers, the Latin expression for “In science we trust” together with down-to-earth descriptions of the product which help to support and expand the original concept. Combined this has made one of Gardsbrenneriet’s biggest successes ever. Gardsakevitt has even been able to steal some market share from the most popular akevitt brands such as Løiten.

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