From Farm to Glass

Gardsbrenneriet Gardsakevitt

WORK -> Strategy, concept, packaging
CATEGORY -> Alcohol
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Science and farming combine forces to produce Gardsakevitt. A refreshing and clean tasting akevitt from Gardsbrenneriet. Packaged in a standard PET bottle, masking the level of expertise and craftsmanship contained within.

Flavoured with, among other things, home-grown apple, rhubarb, fennel and lemongrass. Concocted by two chemical engineers on their own farm.

It was important to explain to the consumer the quality of the product hidden inside it’s “cheap” looking PET bottle. We moved ahead with the concept of a modern Farmers Market in a bottle with the tagline “From soil to glass”. This blended the idea of agriculture and chemistry combined, which is the ethos of Gardsbrenneriet.

Central to the design is a simple and iconic hand-drawn illustration based on what (the alleged) discoverer Sir John Mandeville once drew in the 13th / 15th century to explain the cotton plant.
Printing the design on rough, tactile paper and including technical info such as bottling time and batch No. give Gardsakevitt more credibility. Combine this with a backing label inspired by the world of chemicals and you have one of Gardsbrenneriet’s biggest success’ ever. Gardsakevitt has even been able to push into the market shares of the most popular aquavit brands like Løiten.