Real Cider Without the Booze


WORK -> Strategy, naming, brand, packaging
CATEGORY -> Drinks
CLIENT -> Gardsbrenneriet

Frisider is an alcohol cider produced the same way Gardsbrenneriet produces their alcoholic cider. With natural fermentation. With Frisider however they bottle and halt the fermentation process just before the alcohol develops, creating a cider with a true organic cider taste, without the alcohol.
With the speedy increase in demand for high quality alcohol free products that taste closer to their alcoholic counterparts, design is important. It needs to clearly seperate itself from the alcoholic variants but also feel special and of a good quality so you as a consumer do not feel like you a purchasing a lesser version of the alcohol variant.

This is a modern cider without alcohol, for a modern consumer skewing towards the younger end of the spectrum. 

For Frisider, we have leant heavily in to a modern, quirky, small batch inspired design. Fun illustrations, created with a vintage feel and roughness combine with modern type to create stand out shelf appeal with high-quality expectations.

The front label takes it’s shape from apple stickers giving a not-so-subtle indication of the contents. The back label is kept simple, with an almost homemade size shape and design. This helps us communicate the small-batch techniques and ethos of Gardsbrenneriet owners.

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