Burgers & Barbera

Døgnvill wine

WORK -> Concept, packaging design, illustration
CATEGORY -> Alcoholic drinks
CLIENT -> Døgnvill Burger

Døgnvill burger had found the perfect wine for their taste profile. Hand picked grapes, only 600 bottles and they bought them all. We needed to communicate this whilst at the same time keep their cheeky tone from their restaurant branding in a way that suited a “modern, cool and super good wine”, as they put it themselves.

We used Døgnvill’s own typeface in a new way, creating a fresh expression. The label colour is a new take Døgnvill’s main identity colour and was primarily chosen based on considerations such as visibility and the desire for a non-traditional colour for a wine label. Textured paper was chosen to add some detail to the simple design.

The illustrations are inspired by vintage Italian advertising illustrations, but in a modern take with small (hidden) hints to the close ties between peasant culture and mafia culture in Italy. The hat, is taken from both worlds, and helps create associations with something rare and exclusive that is difficult to obtain as well as a cheeky nod to more shady black market trading. The back illustration is a picture of how Døgnvill has “hand-picked” a hand-picked (grapes) wine.

Døgnvill Wine 7 -2