Burger brews

Døgnvill øl

WORK -> Concept, packaging, illustration
CLIENT -> Døgnvill Burger

Working together with two small-scale breweries, Døgnvill developed their own beers tailored to their food and experience. It was important to continue the ‘twinkle in the eye’ the restaurant branding has in a way that suited modern craft beer. But with Døgnvill’s very own twist on the category.


To reflect the small-scale production behind the beers we chose simple sticker labels, featuring clear, eye-catching colours and a stripped-down design where our self-developed mascot for Døgnvill, Burger Boy, has been allowed to play the main role. The cans are only sold in the restaurants and are mainly intended to look cool on the tables and contribute to the atmosphere and conversation around the table, which is Døgnvill’s mantra. Because what exactly is a beer for the journey? Can you drink lager with everything? And isn’t it fun with the pun “Bayer. For burgers.”?

Døgnvill Beer 7-2