Adam og Eva på Flaske

Adam og Eva Hair Products

WORK -> Strategy, concept, brand identity, packaging design, art direction, movie, storytelling, brand activation
CATEGORY -> Beauty
COLLABORATORS -> Trine Hisdal, photography
CLIENT -> Adam og Eva Gruppen AS
AWARDS -> Nomination, Costume Awards 2023

7 series, 21 products. Adam og Eva, Bottled.

Adam og Eva dives head-first into the world of hair products with their inaugural range of products specifically designed for sale in their salons.

This project was a 360° complete brand production. From our first initial idea, to the packaging design, the movie, the website, the magazine, the fashion articles, the press package, the social media content, the ads and the official launch party.

Soft but vibrant colours were paired with organic paint strokes and textures to create a kind of post post-punk aesthetic befitting Adam og Eva’s status as Norways most innovative hair salon chain, founded in 1973.

We wanted this to be a true product of Adam and Eva in all senses. Through a fun and engaging art workshop, hosted by us, we let the most creative hair dressers & stylists in Adam og Eva fly in from all across Norway, to make the raw material for the designs.

We took their creations, scanned and manipulated them to create a unique product design meaning that every product we created contains elements of Adam og Eva’s creativity massaged in to the packaging itself. Put simply, Adam og Eva, bottled.

being a salon exclusive product, we avoided placing large logos on the front of the packaging, allowing us to create an arty block effect on the shelves, adding to their salon experience without feeling like a sales tool. This allows Adam og Eva to own their territory on their own terms. The brand logo was instead placed discretely on the side of all products. A suitable solution for a future forward high-end brand by adding an emphasis on the value, experience and purpose offered to their customers instead of a loud, in-your-face identity explosion.